Dustless Sanding, Staining, & Finishing

DSCN2807TH Custom Hardwood uses the cutting edge equipment to deliver a dust free process for the homeowner. 98% dust free results in a clean process for the homeowner that creates little disturbance to the area being worked in, but more importantly the surrounding areas of the home. TH Custom Hardwood understands that homeowners need and want to enjoy their home during the process of restoring their hardwood floors, for that reason we work with each individual homeowner specific schedules and requests.

6Staining is perhaps the most crucial part of this art. We start this process by applying stain samples directly to a homeowner’s current flooring. This enables a homeowner to select an exact match to what they desire. Choosing from a website or swatch card is not an accurate way to select a color. We want the homeowner to receive the exact color they desire. We will spend as much time as needed to deliver that color. From our sanding and specialized prepped system we are confident that we can achieve any color that a customer desires.

IMG_2866Despite what our competitors may say, finishes are not all the same! For that reason, TH Custom Hardwood has decided to use the Cadillac’s of floor finishes. We wholeheartedly believe that Bona polyurethane finishes are the best. Preferably, we use Bona Traffic. This is Bona’s commercial grade water base polyurethane. Commercial grade polyurethane finishes are the strongest most durable finishes for sit finishing. Also, water based finishes are low on VOC content which ensures a safe working environment for a homeowner and their family. We understand that selecting a commercial grade finish cuts into our profit margin, but we have made this choice because it follows suit to our decision to offer the best possible product for a homeowner.